Our Services

At Pacific Therapy Access, our mission is to help patients get access to the therapies they need. Whether your therapy is just an idea or it’s been around for years, the experienced team at Pacific Therapy Access will prepare you to reach optimal success.

Health Policy & Reimbursement

Our team at Pacific Therapy Access has extensive experience in health policy and reimbursement at the government and commercial insurance levels. You need experts who know how to navigate the reimbursement landscape in your industry. We review all potential reimbursement pathways for your product or therapy and create a reimbursement strategy that will optimize your success.

  • Coverage/Coding Strategies
  • Coverage Strategies
  • Market Analytics
  • Policy Monitoring
  • CPT & HCPCS Applications
  • Field Sales Training
  • Provider and Facility Training
  • Physician Society Support
  • Claims Utilization Review
  • Government Relations
  • Policy/Patient Advocacy

Commercial Readiness/Launch

Pacific Therapy Access has a long history of launching successful medical devices. Our commercialization readiness strategy will ensure you meet timelines for manufacturing, regulatory targets, and provide sales training and support to your team.

  • Sales Operations
  • Point-of-Sales Solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Distributed Inventory Mgt.
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Product Returns & Decontamination
  • Quality Systems & CAPAs
  • Complaint Management
  • Compliance Management
  • IT Systems

Prior Authorization Services

Pacific Therapy Access is your company’s one-stop resource for complete prior authorization and appeal services. We provide a concierge customer service experience along with customized data reports, and medical necessity training for your providers and staff. We make communication with both client accounts and field sales teams our top priority.

  • Patient Case Management
  • Claims Review
  • Medical Necessity Requirements
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Insurance Claims Submissions
  • Provider and Facility Partnership
  • Sales Team Training
  • Provider Staff Training
  • Provider Staff Training
  • Policy Trend Reporting

Our Expertise, Your Success

No matter where you are in the commercialization process, we can help